A spade seldom comes alone

A spade seldom comes alone

Wolfgang anger was one of the few to stick to the rules. The mayor of lulsfeld comes to fub to the county border between schweinfurt and kitzingen, where the county road SW 45 becomes KT 40, a few hundred meters before the entrance to the town of brunnau. Everyone else (including the reporter) carefully avoided the existing barriers. Exceptionally.
Since tuesday, the county road has been officially closed to traffic. Heavy equipment is already on site to turn the narrow, dome-laden stretch into a traffic-safe link between schallfeld and brunnau. At the obligatory spatentable many official representatives were present, for example the district administrator of kitzingen, tamara bischoff, or the district administrator of schweinfurt, harald leitherer. After all, two counties are affected by the tree removal. "This is not an everyday occurrence", said bischoff – and immediately came to talk about the advantages of the county cooperation: "the contract has only been put out to tender once, so the total costs are cheaper. Things are better together."

Reopening in mid august

The contract was put out to tender by the district of schweinfurt, and the reason for this is obvious: 1090 meters of the 1435 meter long construction section are on schweinfurt territory, only 345 meters are on kitzingen territory. Work will take around four months; if everything goes according to plan, the new, wide circular road will be reopened in mid august.
It's high time that things finally got underway, says anger. "The road is really dilapidated, says the mayor of lulsfeld, pointing to rough cracks at the edge of the road and the many undulating crests. The limited width of the school makes it even more difficult. In many places, the road is only 4.70 meters wide, and if there is oncoming traffic, it gets tricky. In the future, however, space problems will be a thing of the past: the road will be widened to a continuous six meters, flanked by a ca. A meter wide banquet. The angle of vision will also be improved, i.E. The road will be straightened as far as possible – but the expansion will still largely take place on the existing route.
The work began with the spade table, and until it is completed, the county road will remain closed to traffic. Apart from the aumuhle. In the meantime, the residents were allowed to use the road, although it could be a bit crowded due to the construction vehicles.

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