They are tomorrow’s caregivers

They are tomorrow's caregivers

The classroom of the new first class of the vocational nursing school is well filled. 20 students learn the basics of chemical disinfection methods. They unite five different nationalities. The age difference between the youngest 16-year-old student and the oldest student is 36 years. Since the beginning of october, the three-year training program for health and nursing care has been running.

Alexandra arnold from heiligenstadt has already completed training as a medical assistant. When she gave birth to her son, she was at the hospital in forchheim for the first time. A friend, who has already completed the health and nursing exam at the vocational school, recommended the training to her.

The 28-year-old is pleasantly surprised at how important the concerns of the students are taken here: "everyone supports the others. In our class community, we pay attention when someone is not feeling quite so good." Alexandra arnold sees the very good chance, according to the hospital's press release, of being taken on as a nurse by the forchheim-frankische schweiz hospital as a further plus point.

Sarah Heimann (17) previously attended a technical high school. She has always been interested in medical topics, works with the bavarian red cross (BRK), and has been involved as a school counselor, she says. Auberdem like to help people. She came to the hospital as a training center because her grandmother also works there. She is particularly excited about the practical part of the training: from 18. November the schoolchildren work on the ward.

The direct wire

The new principal andreas schneider, who took up his post at the hospital at the beginning of august, sees the practical relevance as a unique selling point of the school in forchheim: doctors and other professional groups in the hospital take part in the lessons as teachers and give the students an insight into their work, emphasizes andreas schneider.

The 54-year-old worked for twelve years in nursing schools and headed a specialist training center. For the past seven years, he has been the director of nursing at the bamberg social foundation, where he was responsible for the nursing service with around 1800 employees. Kunftig's numerous publications include books and articles on knowledge management, dementia sensitivity in hospitals, and the development of corporate culture. He is a lecturer at the evangelische hochschule nurnberg in nursing science, process and quality management.

Kunftig nurse

Together with his team, andreas schneider has drawn up a concrete strategy for his division to secure the provision of nursing care. He sees a particular challenge in the practical implementation of the nursing professions act, which is intended to standardize the training of old people's nurses, children's nurses, health care nurses and nurses for the sick. This law applies to all training courses that begin on or after 1 january 2009. January 2020. After this date, trainees at the vocational school for nursing can acquire the professional title of nurse specialist. This year's class of freshmen is the last to undergo training as health care and nursing professionals.

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