Kirchweih wolfsdorf

Kirchweih wolfsdorf

What motivated albert rudolph, a master locksmith from staffelstein, to have a chapel built in wolfsdorf is unfortunately not known. The fact is that the people of wolfsdorf have him to thank for the fact that they are able to celebrate church services once a month and the annual church dedication on the first weekend in september. More than 150 years ago, rudolph loved to build the small church in honor of the mother of god, located on the pilgrimage route to fourteen saints.

The organizers, represented by the flower and garden friends, the fire-brigade and the soldier comradeship, put again an interesting kirchweih program on the legs. Kirchweih-auftakt is in the tent at the clubhouse in the romansthaler strabe on friday, 31. August, at 6 pm. Many guests visit the festival on friday only because of the traditional kirchweih dishes like sour fleck and beef with horseradish. Of course, musical entertainment should not be neglected – for this the duo "fast&" will be performing from 7 p.M. Onwards slow" competent. On saturday, 1. September, the kirchweih also begins at 6 p.M. With schnitzel variations, home-made bread and much more the organizers spoil their guests. The duo "sound express" promises an entertaining evening.

On sunday, 2. September, at 9 o’clock the traditional service takes place. A vehicle blessing and an early pint with sausages and wheat beer from the barrel follows. The band of the emergency helpers will provide the musical accompaniment during the service and the morning pint. In the course of the "fruhschoppen" there will be a ceremony for the "kirchweihschieben", which will be held for the fourth time. The enthronement of the new president is being awaited with great anticipation among the participants the kirchweih queen and the kirchweih king expected.

Already at 13.30 o’clock it is called "start free" for the seventh wolfsdorf soapbox race, in which children and adults were allowed to participate. The participants start on a 500 meter long track at the rosenberg (direction romansthal) and drive to the wolfsdorf sports field, where the finish line and the riders’ camp are located. Participants are divided into different age groups. Children from the age of six may participate. In the team competition three riders compete on the same course. Their results will be added to a total time. Registration is possible on the spot.

At 15 o’clock again the small church fair visitors get their money’s worth. The play mobile of the district provides entertainment with the bouncy castle and other play equipment. The duo "melodas" will provide the musical accompaniment in the marquee from 5 p.M. Onwards competent.

It’s going to be another big day on monday, 3. September. For the first time this year there will be a "people kicker"-tournament takes place on the sports field. At the start of the game at 17 o’clock will certainly be shown a few exciting matches.

To the rooster beat at 17.45 o’clock on the sports field are expected again many spectators. In the marquee there will be bratwurst and steaks from the charcoal grill for the kirchweihaus sound. Solo entertainer udo muller heats up the guests once again at 7 p.M. To mark the end of the church season. Admission is free on all days. The enlargement of the bar last year has been very well preserved and offers more freedom of movement to the guests and staff. In addition to the wcs in the clubhouse, the club’s own toilet trolley will also be available. The little ones can ride around on the closed-off road in the pedal cars provided for the occasion. By the way: in cool weather the marquee will be heated.

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