Erlangen: important east-west axis is now one-way street

It is one of the important east-west routes through erlangen for which the city changed the traffic routing on monday. But even a long lead time with numerous announcements up to rough signs with illuminated lettering in the past weeks do not seem to have made clear to every car driver how it is now with the one-way street in front of the clinic.

The street maximiliansplatz, that is the extension of the new street in front of the surgery and the hospital, is a one-way street since monday. From the east of the city, i.E. Coming from the direction of the audimax and the philosophenturm, it is only possible to drive through to the corner of ostliche stadtmauerstrabe. There’s a one-way street sign there. A bright blue stripe on the road indicates that only emergency services, buses and cyclists are now allowed to drive in a separate lane.

Boas wages prey to the last heartbeat

Scott boback and his colleagues from dickinson college in carlisle (USA) had fed 16 boas between one and one and a half meters long with specially prepared dead rats. These were implanted with water-filled bladders with hoses, through which the researchers could measure the pressure exerted by the snake. One of the bubbles was also connected to an electric pulse pump, with which the researchers simulated an artificial heartbeat of 195 beats per minute.

It was shown that rats with "heartbeat" were choked for about 20 minutes – twice as long as prey without supposed pulse. The pressure was also about twice as high on average as for lifeless prey. In the "live" rats, the snakes also frequently varied pressure and body position. The animals only love to go after the pump has been switched off for a while – and thus the artificial pulse was no longer traceable. Even snakes that had never caught live prey showed this behavior, researchers report. So it is at least partly innate.

Cocoa also processed in corona times

The global corona pandemic also passed the aid association "frederic-hilfe fur peru" not without a trace. Like arno wielgoss, the "motor of the association, explained in the current annual report, many of the projects could unfortunately not be implemented. The year had started quite normally. In february, arno wielgoss traveled to peru puro together with frauke fischer, a basic colleague from peru puro, to peru, where a lot of club work had to be done.

One of the main tasks for this year was the commissioning of the small cocoa processing plant that the association had purchased with the help of the schmitz foundation. A small annex was needed next to the cooperative house for this purpose. Several members of the women's groups that were to operate the plant were trained in work and food safety courses. By the end of her stay. The women were now able to expertly and professionally roast and finely grind the cooperative's organic cocoa to produce pure cocoa liquor. Arno wielgoss emphasized: "this is an important and coveted staple food in the urubamba valley. Each child drinks a strong cocoa made from cocoa mass before going to school. The adults also used it to help them with their hard field work. Previously, cocoa mass had to be produced by hand by each family using the simplest of methods."

Many scent the coarse shank with e-tretrollers

The hopes of producers, distributors and dealers hang on a wall by marcel hutfilz. Folded together, with two wheels. E-scooters – pedal scooters with electric drive – were sold by the store owner in berlin years ago with increasing demand.

And this despite the fact that in this country there was still no approval for the little runabouts on roads and cycle paths. The federal government has now cleared the way for this – on the 15. June the corresponding regulation should come into force. The industry smells the rough stuff. Will germany become e-tretroller-land?

Imke wubbenhorst becomes coach at fourth league club lotte

Imke wubbenhorst gave up a lot for her dream of becoming a coach in the fubball bundesliga. She took a leave of absence from her job as a grammar school teacher. Even her apartment has been rented out.

She often slept in the car or on the floor of a friend’s house. She especially missed dalmatian baila and wondered "if I’ll have to go waitressing after this". But she really wanted to take the fubball teacher training course.

Too often people drive too fast

Benjamin schubert from the ggkvs (gemeinnutzige gesellschaft fur kriminalpravention und verkehrssicherheit mbh) presents the ggkvs' concept for speed measurements to the oberleichtersbach town council. Since the citizens of all parts of the town repeatedly complained to the council about speeding, the council commissioned the company ggkvs to carry out several test measurements at different measuring points in the area of the town in order to obtain reliable figures for further action.
The measurements were taken in the period from 15. September 2017 to 11. October 2017 carried out. A speeding offence was defined as exceeding the maximum permitted speed at the respective measuring point by more than nine km/h. The measuring points were determined with the help of the police.
The partly alarming results of the measurements are now available to the municipal council. The highest rate of deaths, 85 percent, was recorded in the churchyard on the high ground of the cemetery in the district of breitenbach. The highest speed measured here was 63 km/h. The violation rate of a measuring point indicates the percentage of speeding violations at this measuring point in relation to the total number of measurements taken there.

At 83 km/h through the 30 zone

In the denkmalstrabe in mitgenfeld, there was a rate of 63 percent with a measured maximum speed of 67 km/h. 50 percent of the deaths in the kapellenstrabe in unterleichtersbach were caused by bubbling. The highest single speed measured here was 83 km/h, with a maximum permitted speed of 30 km/h.
Test measurements were carried out at a total of eleven measuring points throughout the municipal area. At six measuring points, more than 20 percent of violations occurred. There is an urgent need for action at these points, said schubert from the ggkvs.
Schubert presented various models for municipal traffic monitoring. The traffic monitoring consists of two parts, the measurements at the respective measuring points by specialists of the ggkvs in the context of an employee leasing and the evaluation including the dispatch of the fine notices to the traffic offenders as well as the collection of the fines by a fine office. The bubgeldstelle can be staffed both by employees of the ggkvs and by the municipality's own employees. However, there is also the possibility of cooperation with a municipality that already carries out municipal traffic monitoring, such as bad neustadt. In addition, various mixed forms are also possible. However, the councillors have not yet made up their minds and want to obtain more information first.
The municipal council awarded various contracts in connection with the general renovation and expansion of the peter and paul kindergarten in oberleichtersbach. The drywall works were contracted to the company jaeger ausbau gmbh& for about 102 021 euros co KG from dettelbach awarded as most favorable supplier. The carpentry work will be done by the joinery jochen burger from bad bocklet, germany. She submitted the most favorable bid of 60 235 euros.
The same company was awarded the contract for the sun protection work for 54,233 euros. The interior plastering and painting work awarded the council to the most favorable bidder with 142 600 euro, the company straub der maler gmbh& co KG from oberthulba. Finally, the screed work for approximately 34,658 euros was awarded to the company estrich kuhnlein gmbh from schondra. The request for exemption from the provisions of the development plan "am alten dorf in breitenbach by angela neidhart and herald gunther was approved again after a change of plans. 

District administrator reacts to problems with school train

1000 group members over the weekend – the two mothers tanja jakob and astrid vetter, who complained via facebook about the overcrowded school trains from ludwigsstadt to kronach and back, have set a few things rolling. Already yesterday, all politicians have intervened, television stations and other national media have expressed interest in reporting.

This morning, district administrator oswald also took action. "The problems that occur are unacceptable in this way", female. The situation must be improved, which is why the district of kronach is doing everything it can to ensure that school traffic runs smoothly.

Miriam stutz opens a music school

"There's a little wunderkind in all of us – we'd like to introduce you to it." This is the goal of miriam stutz. She studied church music and music pedagogy in regensburg. Her main subjects: piano, keyboard, organ and singing. But she also teaches soprano and alto block flute – and also offers preparation for entrance examinations as well as theory lessons in music theory, pitch and ear training.

No teacher-teacher relationship

Sanchez sworn in as spain's head of government by the king

After months of confrontation between the spanish central government and catalan separatists, new governments took office almost simultaneously in madrid and barcelona on saturday.

Socialist leader pedro sanchez was replaced this morning by king felipe VI. Sworn in as new prime minister of eurozone’s fourth-largest economy. The 46-year-old took the oath of office in the presence of his predecessor, mariano rajoy, at the zarzuela palace on the outskirts of madrid. Only an hour later, the new catalan regional leader quim torra took the oath of office with his cabinet in the government palace in barcelona.

Film producer simon happ: 'kronach was a winner of the lottery!'

How he would describe his job in one sentence? "I am to blame, says simon happ and lets out a short loud laugh. During the shooting, which began two weeks ago at the fortress rosenberg and ended on friday (26. October 2018) end up in the upper town, the 57-year-old acts as a so-called "executive producer" for the film production company pantaleon films. Often referred to in german as the exporting producer.

But "executive" would probably be more accurate with "geschaftsfuhrend to translate. Or even more simplified: contact person for everything. "I represent pantaleon in the project and try to be a good dad to my film children", he explains. Whereby the children can also be clearly older. "These are all. Whether they are four years old or 70. Whether crew or actors – they are all forcibly adopted for the filming work."