Thousands on a treasure hunt

Thousands on a treasure hunt

Lungs, liver, spleen, gall bladder: everything perfect despite the beer flowing from the bamberger brewery beakers in front of it. Only the pump failed! The anatomy model presents itself heartless! Therefor as an eye-catching curiosity on this 20. Antique and trolley market on national holiday, 3. October. Above all, the immediate neighborhood on this table of the merchant, who "because of the tax office" than "horst schlemmer spends, fascinates: bamberg's most famous couple, namely heinrich II. And kunigunde, as a sculpture from around 1840 for a mere 800 euros. However, a pious previous owner has rather created a madonna with a blue veil from the holy empress: "the color had to be removed", recommends "horst schlemmer" an interested party.

It is not known whether the bamberg bishopric patrons acquired it, or whether they shied away from scrubbing off the paint. What is certain, however, is that the burgerverein mitte, as the organizer of the antique and treasure market, once again succeeded in attracting thousands of treasure hunters to the city center. "Even for locals, it's nice to look at everything without obligation", said martina schneider, who acted as market manager with her husband peter. It was something different than a "food market" or the jazz& blues festival or kirchweih: "this does the city good and enriches it as an open-air!", so martina schneider.

Colorful smorgasbord

About 400 dealers at 500 stands had their goods on offer. A colorful smorgasbord of porcelain, paintings, glaziers, linen, small furniture, dolls and all the things "that no one needs, everything you see here is pure luxury, but already to look at", a dealer from dusseldorf said bluntly. He was highly satisfied with the course of the market. Was pleased with the couple who had traveled from hanover especially for this event and bought a rectangular wicker basket from him for twenty euros. Without trading. We were looking for a basket like this for our firewood!", beamed the woman.

However, she had refrained from looking for a snatch with a flashlight while setting up the booths at seven in the morning. Such treasure hunters actually existed, as traders reported. They all had to face the strict eyes of the two experts siegfried beil and jurgen loefke, who examined the goods on offer before the market officially opened. "We try to maintain the quality and to sell only honest goods", explained hatchet. Copies, falsifications, newer things are not allowed. And so "a few stands that have nothing to do with the antique market had received a bad review". Consequently, they will not be allowed to attend next year's event.

Those of the buyers who wanted to know more precisely what their acquired treasure was actually worth marched to the appraisers beil and loefke between 2 and 4 pm. For example susanne stablein from munnerstadt. The collector of asiatica showed four small stone figures of guard, provenance china. "Around 1900" dated hatchet the fine "very interesting" work, but advised the woman to consult someone more knowledgeable than him in this specialized field. This also belonged to the "honest" antique and sled market "with nice people, where the spab comes first", as a hobby dealer from straubing said, offering an old pewter children's bathtub to a family man.

Proceeds for a good cause

And if the anatomy model was missing its heart, a woman's leg was missing the whole body at her stand. But it was in a black net stocking: "people buy such things as decoration!", laughed the straubinger.

The entire proceeds of the market day will be donated to social causes in the island area as before: "the board and the advisory board of the burgerverein bamberg mitte will decide on this", explained club chairman Reiner Dietz.

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