Next sunday, 27. January, there will be a lot of music in the service of the evangelisch-freikirchliche gemeinde bamberg. Martin pepper will be guest in the hallstadter strabe 45. In addition to songs from his current concert program, he will also be responsible for the announcement. Service starts at 10 o'clock (admission free).

A low-flying U.S. Military helicopter caused her horse to spook – for this, the federal republic of germany must now pay a fallen rider 2400 euros in damages. This was decided by the higher regional court (OLG) of nurnberg on tuesday in an appeal proceeding.

Samuel schwarz was also allowed to cheer on saturday. The berlin native came in third over 1000 meters for his third podium finish in the world cup. Olympic champion and world champion lee sang-hwa from sud korea had to fight to the last centimeter this time to beat jenny wolf by a blink of an eye. Lee improved her track record by 0.22 seconds in 37.94 to win her fifth race of the season. It's never been this close this winter before.

Catalonia with the tourist metropolis of barcelona has again announced strict restrictions on public life in view of rapidly rising corona numbers.

In his blue uniform, he stands energetically at the lectern: detlev tolle, a self-confessed hammelburger, has been in police service for 40 years and has been vice president of the bavarian riot police since 2017. He had accepted the invitation of the association of friends of frobenius-gymnasium hammelburg e. V. Followed to report on his life and professional career. Pleased with the high number of interested listeners, he was able to give an interesting lecture enriched with facts and amusing anecdotes.

In winter the choice of cut flowers is not very coarse. In spring, the first tulips are sold in sprouts. Thus, the coming spring is already announced also in the apartment. By the way, the wild form of the tulip is not red, but yellow. At the easter bells it took a while until you can get these lovely flowers.

Houseplants: hibiscus clings to windows

The hibiscus as a pot plant tolerates a pruning at the end of January. It is best kept as a tall trunk. Hibiscus thrives particularly well in warm and sunny windows. Even in winter it is able to bloom tirelessly. Unfortunately, in very dry and warm indoor air, leaf lice and moth shield lice regularly set in.

A 65-year-old man, who was apparently in an exceptional psychological situation, caused a large-scale operation by the police, fire department and rescue service in sand late on friday afternoon. The man had gone onto the roof of his house and threatened to jump off, according to the police prasidium for lower franconia in wurzburg. The man survived and was taken to a district hospital.

About 16.45 o'clock the integrated control center of the fire department received the message about a 65-year-old man who threatened to jump from the roof of his house into the depths. When the first police and firefighters arrived, the man was about 15 meters above the ground on the roof of his house. An approach to the man by means of a turntable ladder of the fire department was not possible at first, because he threatened to jump in this case.

With parties and fireworks billion people welcome the new year 2018 on sunday and monday. In germany, the largest new year's eve party is again planned in berlin at the brandenburg gate.

However, it was not clear from his testimony whether the brazilian accused, adriana barros, knew that she was receiving a lot of money from VW that she was not entitled to. Barro's lover at the time, ex-VW works council head volkert, is to appear in court on tuesday of next week (24.) testify as a witness in the trial before the local court of wolfsburg. He has already served his prison sentence for disloyalty.

contrast of cultures and arts

If you think about china not only at night, some people lose sleep: the explosive economic rise of this nation of 1.4 billion people seems too powerful, and western societies are too weak by contrast. But what about the beautiful arts? The chinese are known to have a soft spot for german composers and classics, but vice versa? Yes, the middle kingdom also has a thriving visual arts scene that goes far beyond the work of ai weiwei, who was omnipresent in this country at the time.

This is documented by exhibitions not in berlin or dusseldorf, but in six french cities of all places: roth, erlangen, bamberg, schweinfurt, ansbach, bayreuth. These under the signum "2. German-chinese art exchange" the exhibitions called "amplitude of difference" have a prehistory. In 2015, there was already an exchange between seven french cultural institutions, including the kunstverein bamberg and the berufsverband bildender kunstler in oberfranken (BBK), and the yunnan arts university in kunming. This is the capital of the southwestern chinese province of yunnan, whose four million inhabitants are roughly equivalent to the number in france. 10000 students study at the university where ma ning teaches, the initiator of chinese-french art contacts.