New charges against ex-arcandor boss middelhoff

Your spokesman confirmed a corresponding report in the "bild" newspaper. Middelhoff is accused of several counts of disloyalty because he charged the company with non-operating costs. This refers to flights that were not undertaken for business purposes. It is said to be a high six-figure sum.

Middelhoff’s lawyers said they were "surprised because both in an extensive written statement and in a personal interrogation of dr. Middelhoff explained the official reasons for each individual flight and backed them up with evidence."

Thousands on a treasure hunt

Lungs, liver, spleen, gall bladder: everything perfect despite the beer flowing from the bamberger brewery beakers in front of it. Only the pump failed! The anatomy model presents itself heartless! Therefor as an eye-catching curiosity on this 20. Antique and trolley market on national holiday, 3. October. Above all, the immediate neighborhood on this table of the merchant, who "because of the tax office" than "horst schlemmer spends, fascinates: bamberg's most famous couple, namely heinrich II. And kunigunde, as a sculpture from around 1840 for a mere 800 euros. However, a pious previous owner has rather created a madonna with a blue veil from the holy empress: "the color had to be removed", recommends "horst schlemmer" an interested party.

It is not known whether the bamberg bishopric patrons acquired it, or whether they shied away from scrubbing off the paint. What is certain, however, is that the burgerverein mitte, as the organizer of the antique and treasure market, once again succeeded in attracting thousands of treasure hunters to the city center. "Even for locals, it's nice to look at everything without obligation", said martina schneider, who acted as market manager with her husband peter. It was something different than a "food market" or the jazz& blues festival or kirchweih: "this does the city good and enriches it as an open-air!", so martina schneider.

right-wing prison network sought contact with zschape

This was reported by hesse’s minister of justice, jorg-uwe hahn (FDP), in wiesbaden. It remained open whether conspiratorial mail was actually sent to zschape, who is currently in munich-stadelheim. The bavarian judiciary had found clues to the network in their catches.

According to hessian authorities, the neo-nazi imprisoned in hunfeld is a multiple convicted offender from kassel. The 38-year-old is considered to be one of, if not the central figure of the network that was uncovered. In october 2012, an ad in his name was placed in the motorcycle magazine "bikers news" advertising a nationwide right-wing prisoner aid organization.

Good friday the sun shows up in many places

As the day progresses, however, the clouds thicken again from the north and rain begins to fall in the second half of the day. In the center it will remain quite friendly and dry until the evening.

The temperature rises in the north only to 6 to 10 degrees, otherwise 9 to 14 degrees are expected, in the higher altitudes of the low mountains values around 5 degrees. The wind will be mostly light, in the north it will freshen up during the day and blow mabig, at the sea also fresh from western directions.